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March 30, 2021 2 min read

#Shoplocal and DV Connect Initiative

The past couple of years have been full of obstacles and challenges, whether it be Fires, Floods or COVID19, we’ve all been affected in one way or another. That’s why it’s more important than ever for local communities to come together and show their support for one another.  

Small businesses like Sonder Place are reliant on the support of their local community. Unlike larger corporations we don’t have the resources or funding to reach the winder community and overseas, so when disaster strikes it often takes weeks if not months to get back on trackThis is why it is so important to #shoplocal, because without the support of our local communities the number of small businesses will unfortunately begin to decline. 


At Sonder Place we are extremely blessed to be situated in the incredible Gasworks precinctsurrounded by the many people who call Newstead home. One of the benefits to being a small business is that you are able to get to know people on a more personal level and hear their stories. To show our appreciation to all of our locals we offer an 8% discount. Over the last 3 years we have been fortunate enough to get to know many of the gasworks locals with many of you becoming friends.  

At Sonder Place we also believe its important to give back in times of hardships that’s why we are apart of the DV Connect initiative. DV Connect is a not for profit foundation that helps Queenslanders find pathways to safety from domestic, family and sexual violence. They offer a helpline service, counselling and medium-term accommodation for those seeking refuge. Violence against women and children is a serious yet ultimately preventable problem, however in order to make a change DV Connect needs help from the wider community. 



Visit for more information 

So, how can you help? You can help by bringing in any women’s and children’s clothing in good condition that is no longer being worn into Sonder Place and we will donate it to DV Connect on your behalf. These clothes will then be given to women and children who have fled violent situations often with only the clothes on their person. 

With the current 3 day lockdown in action, now is the perfect time for everyone to look through their closets for clothing to donate. Another way to look at it is every time you purchase something new from Sonder, think about an item of clothing you can donate to DV Connect and bring it in to donate next time you’re in store.  

Now during the lockdown, even though we’re apart, let’s all come together and support one another because together we can get through anything! Stay safe everyone! 





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